Hello. I’m Frederic.

My name is Frederic Thevenet and I live in Paris, France. I write - and mostly read - computer code for a living, and I've been doing that for over two decades. Right now, I work at Red Hat, where I’m part of the team that contributes to OpenJDK, the leading free and open-source implementation of the Java language and runtime.

I’m also the author of binjr, a free and open source time series browser, and I've made contributions to many FOSS projects, large and small, mostly within the Java/JVM ecosystem.

This site, my github repositories and my account on mastodon pretty much sum up the entirety of my presence on the Internet; if you find something else lying around out there with my name on it (facebook, linkedin, twitter/X, etc…), it probably belongs to someone else. Please return it to its rightful owner.


PS: If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at contact@fthevenet.eu or ping me on matrix