Hello. I’m Frederic.

My name is Frederic Thevenet and I live in Paris, France. I write - and mostly read - computer code for a living, and I've been doing that for over two decades. Right now, I work at Red Hat, where I’m part of the team that supports and contributes to the OpenJDK Project, the leading open-source implementation of the Java language and runtime.

I’m also the author of binjr, a free and open source time series browser, and I've made contributions to many FOSS projects, large and small, mostly within the Java/JVM ecosystem.

This site, my github repositories and my account on mastodon pretty much sum up the entirety of my presence on the Internet; if you find something else lying around out there with my name on it (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc…), it probably belongs to someone else. Please return it to its rightful owner.


PS: If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at contact@fthevenet.eu or ping me on matrix